Funny Bullet Train SMS,Jokes

Funny Bullet Train SMS,Jokes

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Funny Bullet train Sms

Coal Allocation Scam-1,86,000 Cr.
2G Spectrum Scam-1,76,000 Cr.
Commonwealth Scam: 70,000 Cr.
Congress took 3 bullet trains already.


Funny Bullet Train- DDLJ

After Bullet train, no more “ja jile apni jindagi”
for Simran. Raj would reach Borivali by the time
Amrish Puri completes the sentence.

Bullet train hindi jokes

खबर है कि भारत में बुलेट ट्रेन 350 किमी की रफ्तार
से दौड़ेगी लेकिन चप्पल पंखे के ऊपर ही रखे जायेंगे। 😂😂😂😂

Life in Future - Funny Bullet train Sms

Life in the future with BulletTrain – Finish work in Ahmedabad at 5pm.
Reach Mumbai at 7pm.
Put booze till 9pm. Back to Ahmedabad at 11pm.

Very Funny Bullet train joke

Citizens: What are you doing to fix potholes in Mumbai?"
Government: Making bullet train to go to Ahmedabad

Very interesting funny SMS Bullet Train

Japan gives Rs. 88,000 crores loan to India at 0.1% interest for the Mumbai -Ahmedabad Bullet Train!
If a Sindhi like Advaniji would've been the PM, he would've taken this money, put it in FD at Sr. Citizen interest of 7.25% - use this income just from interest difference to start a low cost airline with free services between Mumbai- Ahmedabad, repaid the loan to the Japanese after 20 years with a smile and still make a healthy profit. And yes if you reach Ahmedabad in 2 hours or 4 hours or 6 hours - ki farak padta hain??